Who invented tattoos? – Small Dragon Tattoo Designs

The answer seems obvious. The modern art form emerged as a reaction to the brutality of traditional pen and ink drawings: they were brutal because they looked brutal. The tattoo industry, however, is almost an outgrowth of traditional art, with the same goal in mind. Most art, especially traditional art, aims at being a form of expression.

There’s a reason why the two major tattoo-making nations, India and the USA, have some of the world’s highest tattoo standards and highest rates of skin cancer.

The traditional pen and ink style was designed for drawing pictures of animals or people, not actually for pain relief, so it was originally developed as an escape mechanism. And the “escape method” worked well because people preferred to get their skin painted with paint rather than an actual needle, with more control over how they were going to get their tattooed.

But the pain of a tattoo made it hard for most people to get their body tattooed, particularly if they were in a hospital, and so the tattooing industry went into a “skin therapy” phase. The skin therapy artists started creating tattoos that were almost indistinguishable from traditional art, and the “modern art” artists became experts in pen and ink art. In a way they invented themselves.

These two countries have the highest rates of skin cancer on earth, as well as the best odds of surviving. But if you go to India, you’ll get an amazing tattoo for under $50, for those of you living in Western countries.

I’m talking about this tattoo on this guy in New Delhi, his tattoo is incredible. Look at the artwork:

Why do I call it so amazing? Because it’s basically a painting that a tattoo artist created of his own body. The tattoo artist actually drew the picture of his skin, in an effort to make his skin look different to people.

It’s also the first real tattoo that looks like a real tattoo. A traditional tattoo looks like a drawing, and then your fingers are applied in black ink so you look like you’re injecting fake blood. (The real tattoo can have blood in it, and that’s what makes it “art.”)

This is a real tattoo, and it’s not fake blood! The tattoo artist drew his own skin on his body instead of putting a needle right into it, or injecting fake blood into the artist’s body.

You have to see it. Even though the artist isn’t actually in pain, he still gets all kinds of

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