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The Bible does not have a “divorce clause.” Instead, marriage is a special kind of union where the man is the head of the family (see the Old Testament).

If a man and a woman love each other, God “despises a man that dwelleth with woman.” This seems to reflect what Paul wrote in 1 Timothy.

When two people divorce, they have lost their freedom and are enslaved to each other.

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Both the Old Testament divorce and God’s eternal decree against it refer to a woman’s ability to have sexual relations with her husband only after receiving permission from his father in law because that is the only way for him to be free to live with her.

There is no indication in the Bible that the Bible’s decree against divorce is aimed at homosexuals. Many of the New Testament authors believe that heterosexuals can’t be righteous Christians while living with homosexuals (2 Corinthians 6:1; Jude 1).

The Bible condemns the “bondage of the flesh” that is the opposite of the New Testament’s “spiritual” bond. However, the Bible’s prohibition against gay marriage in Leviticus 19:27 does not prohibit homosexual unions.

Is marriage good or bad for a Christian?

In some of the most important biblical passages on marriage, the words are about what kind of marriage and how God expects married couples to live.

Does the Bible teach the Bible versus the culture?

According to many biblical scholars, the opposite is the case: the Bible teaches what the culture teaches and the cultural attitudes of those who disagree.

The Bible is not so clear. The early church didn’t have an issue with same-sex marriage, since that was considered by the Bible to be a normal part of human sexuality. But in the early years of Christianity, there are biblical passages that seem to suggest that same-sex relationships are “out of the norm.”

Does the Bible teach that divorce is a sin?


How can a Christian be against divorce?

One way that some Christians argue is by claiming that Jesus never said divorce is good, and therefore isn’t a sin. But Jesus did say divorce is never for the good of the wife, “but if they do not divorce, let them marry. Only God can change that” (Luke 16:24). Jesus made divorce legal and not a sin on his first day on earth.

Does the Bible teach that sexual activity between a

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