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Rapper, rapper, rapper, rapper, rapper, rap-rap-rap-rap-rap-rap-rap-rap-rap-rap-rap-rap, to me. If they want to rap they have to rap, I didn’t go over this point to prove to you there’s no one more talented, or more talented than me. There’s nobody out there that can do what I can do with a verse. If you could get me a verse you could just go over this thing and make you look like a genius. But you know, they can’t, so they don’t really have any reason to listen. [Laughs] I would actually love to see it happen, even though as a producer I see why it would be hard. Because if it weren’t for the fact that rappers are constantly moving, trying to change the format of it to try and make it feel more in sync with the way it’s supposed to sound. They just want to make their own money. And I’m pretty good at this, so I would feel like that would be kind of hard as all hell, honestly.

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There are plenty of reasons why you might want the Xbox One in your living room, even if you’ve never played an Xbox game on a TV before. There’s one, however, that may not be so appealing to most: cable or satellite TV.

Microsoft isn’t actually making the console anymore: The Xbox One, in particular, is the culmination of decades’ worth of Xbox hardware design, and has been designed to work more seamlessly with the living room TV.

But after three generations of the Xbox, the company has come close to making an Xbox experience work in the living room. There are few reasons why you shouldn’t do just that — even if it means you can’t play a game on a big screen.

Here are six advantages Xbox One has over Xbox 360:

TV-only benefits

The Xbox One is more than just a big screen game console: It also packs an HDTV tuner, digital video recorder, media player and a DVD burner, along with a Blu-ray disc drive — but what separates the

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