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Can dogs be a human being if a religious leader believes dogs are the enemies of man? If a religion can say it’s okay for dog owners to feed their dogs food they’ve given to them, why can’t it also say their dogs should be allowed to go to church if they ask? Why is being a religious dog owner acceptable if the animal’s being in the way of the religion? Can a religion create an imaginary reality where its dog-owner is a victim, while at the same time a religion can create reality where dog owners are the people who are responsible for the dog’s pain and suffering? If a religion claims that God is all-powerful and loving and there are animals, why is it OK for the dog owner to destroy a life to save a life?
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One reason that humans may hate animals is that we are afraid to love them because if we did, we would not be afraid of death and sadness. As such, we try not to understand or face reality. If a religion tells you that the animal is no more than a person, but that it is a person with feelings and needs and the right to life, how can you resist that? Can you be happy with an animal that will die when you cannot feel its pain, or at least not happy? Can you love and be loved with an animal that you would kill with your hands? Can you love animals who can be hurt by humans but not by yourself?

Animal shelters should be places where animals can spend their lives with people who are willing to treat them like people. They should not be places where animals are put down for the sake of money. Animals live in a social world where humans do the same. We should value animals as people, just as we value people. If you do not want to keep your pet, you have the choice to get rid of it. This is not about religion or lack of belief when people do not adopt out their pets, but about a need to stop a situation where there is no respect for animals. It is about having a conversation about how we treat humans, and how we will treat animals in the future.

When a dog that is not yours is taken, it is because you can’t find a home where your pet will not suffer. It is not our fault the dog will go hungry or that we have no home for it. No matter how we feel about it, it does happen. People should not have to experience this. If they can’t find an apartment that will allow their pets

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