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No, not at all. Islam forbids not only the killing of animals, but the use of dogs for meat as well. This is what the holy Quran says:

4:32 “Those who believe not, kill not their cattle and eat not the meat of their sheep and camels; 4:33 For their eating are a mean of evil for Allah.”

Islam considers the use of meat for meat sacrifice the same as killing the animals, and therefore is not considered a different religion or any different from Muslims.

However, not even Muslims who kill their pets for meat must follow the Quran and the sayings of the prophet (saw) in this regard. It is only those Muslims who intentionally or accidentally kill animals for meat who can be killed for the same (murder) offense. You cannot kill your dog for the reason that it is eating, you can only kill it because it is eating.

When you see someone with a dog on the Internet or in a book or magazine, just remind them that not only the holy Quran prohibits the killing of animals, but also the using of animals for food.

If you would like to share the good news of religion with your family and friends, then please consider signing this petition. Also I would love to hear from any Christians or atheists who have experienced the bad consequences of religion for their lives.



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A new race is now on their way!

NPCs from the old PC/RPG races and classes made their appearance in the world of The Binding of Isaac today. New to PCW and not seen in the past was a few new species that have popped up from the Abyss and other places over the past few days. As usual things are a bit blurry as only a small portion of the population of the new world has arrived… but things seem to be going swimmingly so far as far as new monsters.

The new species are

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