What makes a bad tattoo? – Black Rose Tattoo Designs With Names Thru It

There are two problems; first, the tattoo has little or no function and, second, it is an expensive pain. While these problems apply to most tattoos, there are some very specific kinds of Tattoo that are not just unattractive but also dangerous. If one is looking for a Tattoo with the potential to cause harm, this article will explain some of the most dangerous ones.

1. Tattoo of Confinement

Tattoo of Confinement is a type of Tattoo that, like many others, resembles a prison or penitentiary. This Tattoo consists of a small black outline that looks like a circle or an X with a large black circle surrounding the circle. Most often, the Tattoo is black or dark brown in color.

What makes a dangerous Tattoo of Confinement? The simple answer is that it can be used as a form of torture. The actual function this Tattoo may have is to get the tattoo wearer to submit to any order or rule of the Tattoo wearer.

2. Tattoo of Cruelty or Impotence

You may have already noticed that there is always a huge black outline surrounding the circle which is usually the part that most of the public is willing to accept. This is what causes many people to be afraid of this specific kind of Tattoo. The most common Tattoo used to cause injury and pain is an Elephant print Tattoo. This Tattoo is usually in the shape of an Elephant with one or both eyes closed on it. Usually, this Tattoo can cause permanent damage to the skin of its victim.

What makes a dangerous Tattoo of Cruelty or Impotence? Although most often, Tattoos of Cruelty or Impotence are just a means to attract the public, they can also be used as punishment for other crimes like drug dealing, vandalism, burglary, etc.

3. Tattoo of Sexual Offence or Impurity

Tattoo of Sexual Offence is perhaps one of the most painful Tattoos ever inflicted on people. This Tattoo consists of a large black outline with a small black dot that is usually placed on the genital area of its target. This Tattoo often has other symbols like flowers, heart or butterflies on it. Some people feel that this Tattoo makes him or her look like a pervert or temptress.

What makes a harmful or forbidden Tattoo of Sexual Offence? The fact that it is so small is probably the reason why it is an undesirable

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