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With tattooing the term New School tattooing was coined that describes a new wave of tattoos for New School students and the public to see and enjoy. These tattoos are considered a part of the New School experience and are designed to create awareness about health and body image issues and the importance of accepting all bodies in the body art community. They are intended to be a welcoming place to share the latest body art, as well as to highlight the difference between art and the body so young people see that all bodies are valid in the eyes of the tattoo artist.

New School tattoos are typically body art pieces and are not permanent tattoos due to being designed to cover a small area to express a thought and message.

What is the difference between tattooing New School students and old school tattoos and do New School students have tattoos?

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All New School students have permanent tattoos on their bodies for a variety of reasons – the primary reason being that young people are often influenced by what others show them or how they look. The tattoos are intended to be a way to look at one’s body and to create a change in one’s mind. There is no judgment being expressed as to whether a person’s body will make them attractive to the opposite sex, or in the case of women, to a husband or boyfriend but rather it is the result of an individual’s perception of their own body so that they can embrace it and make it their own. As a consequence it is considered a positive reflection of one’s self-perception. These tattoos are meant to be about acceptance only, not about making money through them or being proud of them and the result of such is not a desire to sell them on the black market.

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