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Since the 1980’s in the United States there has been an increase in youth, women and transgender tattooers, some having participated in the recent US Supreme Court ruling legalizing Gay marriage. Most transgender women want tattoos that represent their genders and sexual identity, but some are interested in being shown with the traditional male/female image.

In a few years it is expected that we will see more transgender women adopting the style of traditional female/male tattoos.

In 2007, a number of transgender tattoo artists started providing tattooing services in the Los Angeles area as well as some nationally and Europe. Although a number of people still consider transwomen to be the “other,” these tattooists have had their eyes set on the transgender female market for many years.

As the demand for transgender women’s tattoos continues to grow, many of those in the transgender tattoo industry have gone on to seek out other transgender women to provide tattooing services to.

Who are the transgender tattoo artists?

Although many transgender tattoo artists have gone their own way, many transgender tattoo artists who choose to remain in the traditional female/male tattooing industry have found success and are looking for additional ways of providing tattooing services.

There are a number of transgender tattoo artists still actively looking for clients who want to show off their tattooing styles to other transgender girls and women. There are also currently a number of transgender tattoo artists that operate their own boutique shops, although their main focus is to serve the transgender female market.

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In terms of experience and tattooing styles, there are many transgender tattoo artists that are currently in business.

However, there is no one style of tattooing, and transgender tattoo artists have often established a style that works for them.

The following are some of the tattooing style styles that transgender female tattoo artists are known to have.

Traditionally female and male styles

This tattooing style is based around the traditional female/male image (typically on the shoulder) and has been a key part of the transgender tattoo market for some time. It is commonly done with white (or pink) tattoo ink, and is usually done once the skin has been stripped on the back. The tattoos can be done on all body parts. For many people, the first tattoo done by a transgender transgender woman is typically a tattoo of this tattooing style.

The tattoo artists will often use a large brush to ink the design, in addition to small, smaller brushes that are not as thick. This

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