What is haram for a woman? – Small Star Tattoo Designs On Wrist

You should know that “Harlot” means, for one thing, “an unchaste person,” and because this is the term used to describe a woman’s body, haram is a term that means that she needs to be purified thoroughly. This means that she has to be covered entirely. She has to wear a pure piece of clothing. She has to cover every part of her body from head to foot, including hair.

In the Hanafi sect, there is only one type of permissible attire for a woman, which is that, as described here. In addition to that, she needs to be covered from head to toe from the waist up. In other words, all parts of her body—from the head to the feet, including hair—must become covered.

In other words, if she is a woman from the Ummah, she is allowed to wear clothes as long as they are not abaya, niqab, or burqa. (Abaya is a cloak, a scarf, or a scarf with a mesh hood around its neck. Niqab is a loose piece of cloth, typically a head scarf that covers the entire forehead and nose.)

She needs to be modest to others and to herself. But it goes further still, she needs to be completely veiled in all kinds of situations. In the presence of a male who is older than her, she must not appear to be looking at him. In particular, she should not look at him with her eyes, as it is haram for men to look at women with their eyes. The more that she tries to appear to be looking directly at him, the higher the chance that she will be criticized or have her head shaved. The more that she tries to appear to be not looking at him, the lower the chances that her head will be shaved, because the shariah rules do not allow for removing the hair of women on the forehead.

There are a number of other types of clothing as well. These cover parts of the body, but they are very modest in nature. A man in this context would cover everything except his head.

So the above is very instructive. In fact, the above has been the practice for many centuries—all Muslims. It is a practice that has been followed by non-Muslim Muslims, and by others. It also reflects an understanding that the Shariah demands a very stringent form of modesty and a very clear notion of what is permissible and what is haram.

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