What is a tattoo design? – Tattoo Ideas For Men

  Tats, on their own, come in a lot of shapes and sizes, but what makes a tattoo design great is that it’s often personalized.  It shows a particular person, place or event that you feel was important to you at the time, giving you something to celebrate.  Tats have been used for thousands of years to celebrate specific things, from birthdays and weddings to wars and tragedies.  We know what a wedding means, but we don’t necessarily know what an arm or foot tattoo means to a specific person on the other side of the globe or what a name means on a long lost continent.  You can find hundreds if not thousands of Tats to give you a personalized piece of artwork that you can wear and proudly display on an arm or foot you will carry in your pocket for a lifetime. I know this may all sound a little old hat but tattoos are so much more than tattoos. We should give our tats a place in society, so that you won’t have to think for even a second what you’re going to be wearing when leaving the barber’s shop.  A tattoo will give you something to identify you as an individual, giving you an idea of who you are. Tattoos can also be a way of saying goodbye to any and all bad times – a sign that you are strong, resilient and strong will defeat bad times. So, when I say good tats are the best tats ever made don’t be surprised if you see me wearing a black, yellow or blue striped shirt.  We will just throw them on as a fashion statement as a gift.  In doing so you will be making a statement with them.  They will also give your skin a little something it doesn’t have and remind you of your own uniqueness.  They are a great way to say “Yes I Am” to things that you may not have thought you needed but you do.

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