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A tattoo design is an image, pattern or concept that an artist creates or designs onto skin. It comes from a tradition of tattoo artists from all over the world. This design has grown out of a feeling to create a connection with a specific person, place, thing, spirit or whatever you wish to share with a tattoo artist.

For example, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to a Native American site in Idaho. The image of the eagle is not only seen in the tribal iconography that is tattooed on my skin but also from the eagle’s shape and coloring. The eagle is an old Indian Indian symbol that is still revered in most tribes worldwide. I see so many similarities between this symbol and tattoos. My tattoos are not just some way of making a statement (like some tattoos might be) they are an opportunity to share a deeper connection I make with whoever I work with and create something personal.

What is the difference between a tattoo design and a traditional tattoo for an Asian Indian?

To be fair, no matter what side of the ocean you grew up on or whatever your background is on earth, you can find similarities in traditional tattoos on every human being. The difference is how you interpret those tattoos.

A traditional tattoo is a symbol that represents a person, place or person related through their skin which means that you are identifying the personality of the designer and/or artist who created the design. With the tattoos in the tattoo shop I work with every time you come in you’re always greeted with the same sentiment: you’re so lucky I’ve had the opportunity to work with you.

A tattoo design by itself represents nothing – what matters is when you see it tattooed onto someone’s skin. So if you have no tattoos to tattoo but would like to share a tattoo with a friend, you should go for traditional tattoos that your friend can appreciate and you can understand. Traditional tattoos are the symbol of love. A traditional tattoo is a symbol of your friend’s mother – for an Asian Indian, it would be mom. You might see someone getting a traditional tattoo but it’s not so important which is why I’ve always been trying to give more information on each individual tattoo shop I see.

The difference between tattoos and traditional tattoos is in the execution of the design and in who the artist is making it. A tattoo design can be a simple design to a traditional tattoo but can be very intricate and have the potential to be done as a traditional tattoo.

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