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A glyph symbol is a font, which means a file containing a single glyph that represents two or more characters. It is usually one line long. The characters in the glyph are called glyphs, a word that is not as common as that used for fonts. Glyphs differ in several ways, but they can be grouped into four basic categories.

Symbol: A glyph is a word made up of a single character and, therefore, is an independent shape for which it does not need to be rendered with a normal font. Examples of symbols are numbers, symbols, shapes, or even words. You might know one symbol and have others in your head and therefore need to read each glyph differently. A symbol cannot be read in any other way. Some types of symbols (like numbers) will only be written using the same symbol on different occasions because each uses a different technique of writing.

Semantic structure: A semantic symbol is made up of a set of characters that form a word or a sentence.

Semantic glyphs

A semantic glyph is defined by the designer. The way any character is written with a glyph varies based on the rules that the designer has applied for the design, but generally it looks very similar to the original character. However, as glyphs are usually one dimensional, the designer has the ability to add details to make the character stand out. An example of how this can be done is the way in which “a” and “e” are written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Symbol: A symbol is made up of three or more glyphs. A symbol, also sometimes referred to as a glyph symbol, is a type of letter that is used to depict the meaning of two or more character units.

Example of Glyph: A character written with the Cyrillic alphabets: Cyrillic alphabets (Cyrillico)

Semantic character: A semantic character is any symbol that is used the same with one character in one context and the symbols used for two or more characters in another context. This is similar to a semicolon; it is also a word, meaning a part.

Symbol: A symbol is made up of a set of glyphs used with two different characters. This is also the case with an italic, a superscript, or a superscript. An example of this is the Latin “empruntus”, which is used as capital letters from Latin to Greek

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