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On the day of the Democratic National Convention, we look back to what the DNC and their supporters said about the role that “super delegates” played in the 2016 election when they nominated a candidate who didn’t win anything. Now, they are asking us to ignore what they said and to listen to the results as they take us back to 2016.

After Hillary Clinton’s defeat, the Democrat Establishment was outraged at not only the electoral results, but those of the presidential nomination process. Democrats were not even pretending that Donald Trump didn’t have a shot at being the next president of the United States. They had to know that if he won, they would lose control of the Senate, the House and the presidency. They were furious at Clinton. But what was not discussed is what happened when Clinton lost. It was not as if Republicans had a better candidate. The only things they had going for them were the most reliable anti-establishment base with a large and dedicated following. These people are still supporting Donald Trump in the hope that they can turn America away from its current direction. So when they said that the vote count represented a “democratic mandate,” they were just kidding.

For a long time now, Hillary Clinton has been on a “retrograde path” to defeat. With each and every loss, she has become weaker as a candidate who knows what she is talking about. Her ideas have become so antiquated and tired as to be laughable. Hillary Clinton is now considered a lost candidate who needs to pivot to a more progressive and open style of campaigning. However, there has to be a “revolution” that is needed for all of us who still like to see a party that works for the majority, not the one which only represents those in the top one percent. What is needed to change is unity: The DNC should not “pivot” to a “progressive” platform like the Bernie Sanders campaign, because the progressive movement is not ready to move back to the days of Clinton at the top. The DNC and the Bernie Sanders campaign should step away from this current moment of failure. The time has come to unify behind the vision of a party that works for the majority. And we must stop playing defense with the Democrats.

Bernie Sanders is the ultimate outsider in presidential politics. He is a non-Clinton socialist who is currently fighting to become the Democratic Party nominee and who will run unopposed if he wins this year. Despite the fact that his name recognition alone could be the best weapon in

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