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Catholic Church in Italy, Rome, Italy

The church does not accept cremation of the dead. Catholic church’s position on cremation depends on circumstances and people’s opinions.

For instance it is legal to exhume corpses in some countries but not others, and there are several rules on it. The cremation by the Catholic body is more popular in Italy than even in the USA. This is because in Italy it is not uncommon for families to send their loved one’s body after the funeral, and to keep it in the home, where the body is left as long as necessary to allow the body to rest.

In France it is forbidden to burn the face, hands, heart and hands after the funeral service is completed. In Spain and in some parts of Switzerland it’s not allowed to open an incinerator or incinerator with the intention of burning the corpses. There are even restrictions in certain countries. Other countries do not allow the burial of the dead, only cremation which is illegal in many countries.

The Catholic Church in Italy, Rome, Italy Catholic Church in Italy, Rome, Italy

According to Catholic Church, cremation is forbidden in some countries but allowed in others. For instance the Catholic church in Britain, Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, allow cremation.

After the funeral of a dead person, a coffin must be opened so that the remains (or the ashes) may be removed (by means of a fire and then by means of a special appliance) to a grave prepared for cremation. The deceased may not be buried with the remains and the body remains in the place until the ashes are removed.

Cremation is possible even if the body is to be cremated in a funeral home or a church. However the church also has a legal doctrine of “humani morti” (human life) and of “humanitas mortis” (human life) which forbid cremation. Only the remains of the body may be cremated.

Some bodies cannot be cremated, e.g. babies or babies in utero. In this case they may be buried in a tomb.

In Italian, the cremation by the Pope is permitted in most countries. However if in another country the cremation of the body of the dead would cause offense to the state, the Pope can order the cremation to be stopped.

There are rules for cremation and the burial of the cremated remains, as well as

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