What does the Catholic Church say about cremation? – Loyalty With Rose Tattoo Designs For Men Pictures

Cremation is one of the rites reserved for the dead and is a traditional funeral. It has no official status in the Catholic Church, only certain priests and nuns do it and some parishes in large metropolitan areas may do so. There is no dogma, but there are some Catholic doctrines on which it is important to follow in the cremation of a body.

Cremation includes a number of sacraments, depending on whether the cremant is a living or dead person, and the circumstances.

Living burial: All bodies in the Church receive a proper interment at Church, and their ashes, if requested, are interred with them.
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Dead burial: In the Church, bodies of the deceased, when desired, are either cremated or buried. When the Church permits cremation of a living being, the dead person remains with the body. If the Church permits burying the body of a deceased, the body is buried with the grave or otherwise buried in some manner.

Cremation: The deceased body is immersed in water by a priest in accordance with the rites (Cremating the Body) of those celebrating the death, until it can be fully immersed. The body is then placed in a shroud and laid in a tomb. This ceremony is often accompanied by a public celebration which is followed by burial. The coffin, whether covered or uncovered, has to be made out of wood and decorated with a funeral garland.

On the occasion of such celebrations, Catholic Church members carry the deceased’s ashes, or use other means of offering them for interment. The body may be interred in a cemetery of the clergy or in any other cemetery where interring in a manner deemed appropriate or appropriate by the person who has become a living person may be permitted.

After cremation, bodies are placed in an urn, which may be made out of wood or concrete, or in another wooden receptacle suitable enough to receive them.

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