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Tattoos have always been associated with beauty. The Bible tells us that God will judge the true believers, the beautiful one with the most beautiful body (1 Timothy 2:11).

The Bible says that tattoos may be used to show love, adornment or the status of a person in a marriage (Proverbs 23:16), and to communicate in language that is more eloquent or clearer than their original words (Exodus 19:12).

The Holy Spirit says one’s body is given to God (2 Timothy 3:16) for a blessing, not for a curse. This means we can use our bodies to express ourselves spiritually.

In case you didn’t catch it, The Wire is officially back for a second season. Well, “not back” but I don’t have much better words for how you might feel about that.

The show, which was set on the Eastern seaboard and ran for eight seasons (for a while that stretched from 1999-2001), has always been about the Baltimore police department’s “war” against heroin addiction, but also was interested to show how the cops get addicted to drugs themselves. If anything, the season 11 finale is a very clear sign that the show is back to its roots as a drug-centric drama rather than a crime drama.

One of the main reasons why I personally love The Wire is how much it can connect to other great shows, like True Detective, Breaking Bad, or even House of Cards. It may not have a larger audience than those other shows, but it knows how to pull something away from them and connect with the audience directly. A good example is the final scene of episode 11.

A drug dealer (and later drug lord) arrives in a prison bar. He is in a tight little black hoodie, looks more like Paul Wall than the character played by Gary Cole on the show. He tells the bartender what he knows about the situation in the city and then immediately proceeds to order more booze than the bartender could possibly consume during that entire period. The next thing you know it’s lunchtime, and then the next thing you know it’s night, and then finally the night goes back in the morning. All of these storylines are interwoven as many times over the course of the episode, yet the audience doesn’t see any of them.

This is what The Wire is all about. It’s not all about a story and all about drama and tension and intrigue and intrigue. It

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