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Lotus flower is a flower in the family of genus Psilocybe and family Lamiaceae. It grows naturally in wet forest and desert regions of the world. It is native to India. Other popular names used for this plant include lotus flower, lotus grass, lotus ball, baccharis grass, and lily of the valley.

Lotus is a member of the family of herbaceous and deciduous plants (Eudicots). The plant is also classified as a succulent. Many species of this plant are available as medicinal. Some of the popular plants include; lotus blossom, sambucus, salvia sinensis, c. officinalis, lophophora officinalis, and linden blossom (or balsam of Asia), which are commonly used to treat skin disorders, diarrhea, and asthma.

Lotus flower is an annual plant. It blooms for one month during India summer. When it blooms, it produces flowers that last for one month or two. The flower is yellow to brown to pale green and has five petaled petals, and is about 1.4 feet high. Lotus flower can grow to 10 feet large and 1 foot wide. Once it reaches the height of a tree, you can walk under the flower. However, when a lotus blooms, it will also produce a strong fragrance that is very pleasant to smell. Lotus flower has strong narcotic smell so, you should not inhale these flowers.

In India, lots of Lotus is known as ‘Rajastan Lohi’ or ‘Eli Padma Lakshmi’. Since it is a flowering plant, it cannot be burned. The flower of Lohi is a rich red when young. When flower opens, it turns into pink or black colour.

Lotus flower can be harvested several times per year. It can be easily grown outdoors. Lotus is more suitable for indoor plants. Lotus flower can also be purchased in India. Lotus can be purchased locally in India. Lotus flower is also used in Ayurvedic medicines used for treating various illnesses. Lotus flower has strong and pleasant aroma that is very pleasant to drink.

How is Lotus flower cultivated?

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Lotus flower can be cultivated without pesticides. Lotus flower can be grown with ease in most areas in India. Lotus flower should be watered when they start to bloom. You shall only spray it after they have blooming stage in about five

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