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Lotus flower is called flower of Lord Ayyappa and is located near Pura Sutra. Many popular paintings of the Buddha, such as that of Lord Gautama and many paintings by Siddhartha, depict images of great beauty and spiritual transcendence. These images may be a picture of flowers that bloom during the day, or an image of flowers that bloom at night.

What does lotus flower mean?

Lotus flower is located at Srinivasa Buddhist Temple in Srinivasa, Uttara Kannada Parishad, Chennai.

It is known as “Dhuva Puja” or “Lotus Flower Paradise” Temple. It is considered to be a part of Srinivasa Temple in Uttara Kannada in Tamil Nadu.

Srinivasa Temple is located near Srinivasa, India, and is considered to be among the oldest Buddhist temples in India.

Lotus flower is considered to be an auspicious symbol. It was used in ancient Hindu rituals.

The lotus flower is also revered in Indian culture, and is considered one of the two oldest symbols in Hinduism.

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