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A typical tattoo style could be defined as either simple or complex. There are different styles for each tattoo type/need/cost. Each style may offer new and different levels of detail and application, which can either result in a large or smaller tattoo. If you have ever wondered what tattooing does, this page will offer you a good overview of the concepts involved by going through each of the different tattoo styles as outlined above. The more you learn about tattooing, the more you will be able to apply the various styles at your own unique way.

As many of the tattoo styles may have more than one application that takes you beyond the traditional tattoo, please be aware that every tattoo artist has different ways of applying the tattoos they create.

How long does it last?

The average length of life a tattoo takes is dependent on the tattoo artist. The longer the artist’s time in the business, the longer the tattoo will normally last.
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Some tattooers will go as far as to give away one or two of their tattoos to their clients during the tattoo process. This is because some of their clients are also willing to pay more to receive a tattoo that will likely last longer than they would spend to do so himself or herself (especially if they are of a different ethnic background). Of course, many of these tattoo artists will take great pride in the quality of their work and will happily trade away a few clients in exchange for the pleasure of doing some amazing work.

Many tattoo artists have also noticed that a tattoo usually lasts around three to five months at the average cost, or even more. Sometimes it’s only a few months.

As stated in the previous statement, not every tattoo artist will stick to their tattoo designs and practices forever. However, many of them will have a permanent tattoo if they live to a reasonable age. Some older tattoo artists are always willing to accept new clients but most older tattoo artists will find it easier to pass a client off to someone else, as long as they will not become a financial burden on the person they are helping.

The average life span of a tattoo will vary and will depend upon much more than just one or two tattoos being done at a given time.

How difficult is it to get a tattoo?

The majority of tattoo artists will have no trouble working with someone with tattoos. However, some are less happy with working with a new client and may even refuse to tattoo someone. The person can be very difficult to work with if they

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