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From the beginning, we wanted to produce a series of tattoo ideas to represent all types of experiences – from everyday to personal. Each tattoo will portray something you might be through, or want to experience.

Tattoo Styles 2 – the Story

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In May 2013, our family came down from our winter home in Norway to our lovely country home in San Francisco. At the time, all had just finished our college education and were looking for a break from our demanding work schedule. We were lucky enough to be able to stay a little while, hang out and drink and play football.

As time progressed, we realized we felt like we’d stumbled across a dream. We hadn’t wanted any serious involvement in the tattoo industry before, but we couldn’t have possibly imagined it would get this huge. We knew that we had found a small niche, but there was still a huge community out there eager to be part of things.

With all of the great ideas that had come by this time, we decided to try and make something that represented all the things we wanted to do. We took a deep breath and decided to try and see if we could create something that was not just tattooing, but also something that would be fun and meaningful to us.

When we first began to work on these tattoos, we didn’t have a very specific idea about what to do. We loved the idea of putting ourselves through the pain and agony of a tattoo. From there, we began to explore a few different ideas on how a tattoo would go. We would have our family members pose with their tattoo on their body. We would have a group of friends come over and we’d put their tattoos on them. A couple of people would come up with a couple tattoos on one person. We would have a little girl pose and put a bunch of tattoos on her body. Or we’d put a group together who didn’t have tattoos on them, and we’d make a shirt with a big red circle on it.

We felt this was exciting. We didn’t know how to make anything that was not just a tattoo.

The final design was born from the idea we had of tattoos that reflected the emotional experiences we wanted to share with others.

Each design reflects something that our friends and family members have experienced. They have been hurt by events in their lives, they are going through divorce, had a child, or had a relationship fall apart. Some of the concepts and the tattoos represent things our friends

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