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I would say that it’s easy to get into this conversation and think that tattooing is something that’s only going to happen at these super expensive, very advanced and super special tattoo places. And that’s not quite true.

There are countless ways that we as a society can be creative with our bodies, that we can let our body express its own self through our skin, and that’s when we’ll see how creative we can be with a tattoo.

This is something that’s a lot more affordable — tattooing on the cheap — and that’s what I do, so that’s what I talk about in the video.

So, how does it compare to other tattooing options?

Haha! I could go on and on with this, so you’re going to be stuck on another page, so I’ll just let you enjoy the video!

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Where do you get your inspiration for tattoos?

Sometimes, I have a specific theme in mind that I really think is worth writing about, but it’s not always obvious which specific theme is going to be what. And there’s just so many options…there are so many different styles, and so many different things you could do with a tattoo.

So, I’ve been very fortunate in finding different ways of working with different themes. I like to get into interesting themes and I like looking at these different styles, seeing new things and seeing new ideas. That’s one of the ways the project is still making me feel so good (laughs) about myself; knowing that I have the opportunity to come up with something new — something I hadn’t considered before.

If you could ask one tattoo artist to design your tattoo, who would you ask? How would they react?

Um, I would probably just try to ask the most creative tattoo artist in this part of the world (cries) if I could. I’m just always in search of the most creative artists, and the easiest way to get into their world is just to find out who they are. I try to approach every artist I know, no matter what niche they’re in, they’re all just like “oh I’m just like you.”

There’s so much variety in a tattoo, where you could go from a style like an animal to a completely different style, so I would try to go down and get a couple different artists to see how they approach the same thing I’m doing. I just get so excited to get something new

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