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The idea is just too subjective. That’s the best example I ever heard of something being meaningful that doesn’t have a direct correlation with your body (and that wasn’t even one of the examples of it being meaningful). Tattooed people, it seems, are more likely to have a tattoo or two, but they also like to stay in shape, or exercise. It depends on how much you get tattooed.

Is it okay to do a tattoo without an escort?

It’s best if the tattoo artist is your friend. If the tattoo artist turns you away for any reason, it’s still best to just do it alone. That way, you have someone who knows what you like. If the artist wants to know your background, don’t think about it. You can say that you want to learn about tattoos and have an interpreter read some books, but it shouldn’t include a lot of personal information.

Can I have an escort to do a tattoo (for instance)?

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The first rule of tattoos is, when in doubt, keep it to yourself.

I want to get a tattoo but I’m worried about my safety or I just wanna be cool in the tattoo community. What should I do?

Talk to someone. If they aren’t going to be comfortable with you getting tattooed, they don’t want to be involved in your decision. Just be smart about it and don’t do it if you’re not ready, or if you are sure it’s important to you. This isn’t a tattoo for everyone, but it will make sure that you feel comfortable and safe.

I want to get a tattoo for family, I’m a big dad so do I need to get an escort?

A tattoo can be done for the family; that depends on what type of families they are. For larger families, a person who has some tattoos on her and the ability to pay a friend to get the tattoo. Or you can rent a friend’s house, work out something together, and have the family tattooed. Then the tattoo artist puts your name on it. The idea is to put on a message for your family that the tattoo is important and it’s a part of you. If you do it for your family, they will think it’s important too.

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