What are meaningful tattoo ideas? – 500 Tattoo Designs

I think it comes down to a deeper, more personal connection between tattoo and body at-large. And so as you start creating unique characters from scratch through the idea of individuality, you begin to connect with the essence of the body itself and ultimately you begin to empathize with the tattoo’s creator. It’s the act of creating something of your own and coming to understand how your own art can become an extension of another person’s. I believe this is a more authentic and empowering approach to tattoo because you start to see their work as a way to connect with your own body.

What’s the worst tattoo you’ve ever had to get?

I received two tattoos when I was 17 years old in the middle of an extremely challenging high school year. The first was a massive, two-foot long piece of my hand with a big, ugly tattoo and the second was a piece of my leg with a tattoo that said I HATE FREELY BASHING PEOPLE ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD. Both were extremely painful and scarred for life. And what I found with both of these tattoos was that they meant more to me than anything. The first one was because I really loved what was being done and the second one was because I really loved what was being done and it was taking up space in my life.

What kind of tattoos and designs inspire your style?

I’ve always really loved Japanese pop art and I have a big collection that includes various artists and tattoo artists (some of whom live in Japan and some of whom live outside Japan). It’s really a personal thing. One of my favorite artists is Hiroko Yamamoto. Hiroko’s style is a lot like those big, square Japanese prints found all over Japan that look like they came right off of a piece of paper. I also very much appreciate tattoos that are really well done and that have a subtle, yet powerful message.
Designer Car Tattoos: Ed Hardy Smart Car

What style do you enjoy creating?

I don’t really make a genre of my own but mostly I like to create something that is visually pleasing and visually different but works seamlessly on my skin. I can have an artist come in and do something that just doesn’t connect with me or to me and I end up having an overwhelming reaction or a negative reaction to it. It’s never something that I enjoy because they are too complex, and it always ends up being too much with the artist to work with because they can make something that really works for me, but they are always adding something to

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