Is tribal tattoos out of style? – Simple Cross Tattoo Designs For Women Wristlets

In many parts of Mexico, tribal-style tattoos are very popular and accepted. The majority of people choose to tattoo their faces with tribal designs, although it is also common to see tattoos on the arms, legs, and feet.

How much does tribal tattooing cost?

There is no formal cost to participate in tribal tattoos, but the tattoos cost between $30 [$2 US] and $80 [$4 US]. Tattoo artists in Mexico will work with the clients to determine the size and type of the tattoo. The price goes up once the client is fully covered. The tattoo shop in Mexico that is most popular for tribal tattoos, San Miguel, is known to charge $100 [$3.50 US]. Other Mexican tattoo shops that offer tribal tattoos, such as Juana Núñez Tattoos in Michoacan (tattoo artist: M. Juana Núñez) and Chihuahua’s San Marcos Studio (tattoo artist: M. Martín Pérez Paz), have more affordable prices.

Do you see a change in the way people look after their bodies or do you think the trend is just the same?

I believe that people’s attitudes are gradually improving. People in the US look healthier and more active. Even during a winter in Mexico, people are active outdoors, cycling and hiking. I think these days people spend more time and energy on their health and fitness.

There is also the trend of using tribal tattooing to enhance health and wellbeing. When tattoo artist M. Pérez Paz was going through some surgery to reconstruct the skin of his eyes, he had a tribal tattoo on his right eye. After the injury healed, his left eye became darker, it was clear to his patients that his new tattoo could serve as an eye lens.

Do you think you will ever come back to Mexico?

I am not really sure what I will do next, I am going to work with tattoos in other parts of Mexico, so maybe I will be back. I do want to get back to Mexico.

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