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That’s really the only practical question you have. At the moment there is the app for that. It really depends on who you work with, the tattoo therapist or you. I don’t work for one particular tattoo tattoo therapist; I work for four different tattoo tattoo therapist groups in different cities. I work with many different tattooing techniques, and I work with different tattooing techniques that you can’t find on any tattoo app, which is why I think the one tattoo app that does that is the app for Ipkin [sic], which was the one tattoo app that I’ve already worked with.

So that could work for some, but I don’t think it applies for all tattoos. But yeah it’s a little crazy how you have to have a tattoo app to do it, but I think it’s worth to make it to the point where it’ll be accessible. I’m also very interested in helping patients with tattoo removal, which is an area I’m very interested in working in; because I’m not the kind of person who will leave you to get the tattoo removed on your own, although it might be fun.

The app could provide such a service, wouldn’t you say?
Grez - Tattoo Artist at Kings Avenue Tattoo New York

That’s true. I’d love to see that happen. And with the current state of the tattooing technology… There are a lot of new tattoos, the old ones are in decline. A lot of those have gone under. Also all the old ones have gone under… There are still a lot of old ones out there, but in a worse state than they’ve ever been. This isn’t just a cosmetic treatment or a fashion thing, it’s a very fundamental and very important treatment. It’s very similar to what doctors would call an operation. That means you inject ink into the skin, and then you leave the skin covered with a small amount of glue so it won’t go away. The skin doesn’t get all torn away, it just heals differently. I think that’s the case with the tattooing industry: the older ones don’t work or they’re working really poorly, so you don’t get the same result with more advanced tattoos. So the same old stuff with higher quality.

It’s a huge market, especially in terms of the tattoo industry, which is just so niche. The tattooing industry in itself has been growing for years, but we’re at the peak now, even globally, and I know it’s increasing so fast that there can be a lot of opportunity. But

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