Is the new school a private university? – Pretty Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Nope. Since 1998-99, the university has operated as a public, nonsectarian, private institution through a partnership between the state, the State Superintendent’s Office, the state Higher Education Coordinating Council, the private institution, and the University of Michigan.

Do students attend more than one university?

Yes. The university offers students a variety of majors and minors to suit their needs. Most students who graduate get a job through U-M’s student work force assistance program.

What is the graduation rate at the school?

The college’s graduation rate is 86.9 percent.

How about income?

The median household income at University of Michigan is $53,100.

What about health care funding sources?
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While the University of Michigan has received federal funding for research since 1985, UM has not received any funding from the National Institutes of Health since 2004-05. Additionally, since 1999, the University of Michigan (as an independent university) has not been required to maintain a university-wide website to display data about all publicly traded companies.

Other FAQs

Do students attend college full time or part time?

Part time students are not required to be enrolled full time. The university accepts students who take no more than 12 credit hours a quarter; full and part time students can work on an approved internship and work at one of the campus office locations. Students attending part time can also take other graduate or professional programs online, though they can work up to one hour every day, eight hours a week.

What are scholarships for?

A student who completes a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan can be considered for a variety of scholarships. They range from $3,500 to $22,950, depending on the number of credits taken and the GPA. Some of the more popular scholarships are the Michigan Scholarship, the Michigan Scholarship Fund and the Michigan Student Scholarship. Students who do not have enough credit to earn an MHS diploma can get grants and loans to pay for their education, and the Michigan Student Loan Program.

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