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The big question after Moana’s massive box office debut on Thursday is whether or not it is based on Moana. In theory, the film could feature the legendary voice of Rango, as well as a number of other talented cast and crew members from the new series. It is important that Moana be as accurate as possible, otherwise it cannot hope to make much of an impact. When it comes to the accuracy of the original Moana story, the production team is very careful about ensuring that the film is in line with the source material. The fact that the story of Moana is set on Hivaian shores is no secret, and the fact that the ship belongs to the Hivaian monarchy as well as that the filmmakers have consulted for the ship, is a given.

Of course, the story in this case is all in line with what we know about Moana. The original story focused extensively on the transformation of Moana to Tahiti in order to save her from the ferocious Hivaian pirates. The main characters in the film, Nala and Maui, are the offspring of two Hivaian princesses. Moana’s mother, Ria, was a Tahitian princess who lived on Hivai island. It was only through the will of a wise and benevolent old man, Waio, that the young Moana made her way to Tahiti where she became the goddess of rain. The two Hivaian princesses were killed in the great catastrophe which swept the land of Hiva a couple of centuries before. Later the princesses’ parents were replaced with Hivaian royalty as well.

This leads us to question whether or not the current incarnation of Moana could be a direct ripoff or a direct adaptation of the old story. As a fan of both the older and newer films in the family, I am excited to find out for sure. But, the big question is whether or not Moana and Rango are the same people. The older films were filmed in Hollywood while both films have a very different vision of the characters and the events that they are reacting to. Although the story was very similar in many ways, there were some differences between the films. For example, the young Rango was more of an outcast but he was also a character who had his fair share of heartbreak and pain. It was not that he didn’t fit into the story but it was also clear that he was a much more complex protagonist. This would have been very interesting

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