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Moana may have been meant to be of Samoan descent, making this a bit harder to determine and confirm.

According to the “Guidelines”

“A Samoan is anyone who has first or second culture, ethnicity or nationality from a New World country”

“Samoa” origin
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“Samoan” is used to describe any population of Polynesians.

As for “Cape Breton” origin, although they appear in the comic, “Samoan” is not the same as “Cape Breton”. “Cape Breton” origin is a name of a region or locality in Canada.

Cape Breton origin is a name of a country or region in Canada.

“Cape Breton” is not the same as a “Samoan” or “Cape Breton”.

“Samoan” is not the same as another Samoan.

What is in Moana’s Hair

A lot of people have speculated on what are the hairs Moana has in her hair during her film debut.

They all seem to have different theories.

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