Is it a sin to eat pork? – Tattoo Designs For Couples In Love

What does your church teach or teach you when you say: “All flesh is clean, all flesh is unclean”?

(A) God made pork “clean”–

(B) God’s people ate it. God’s people killed the “clean” meat, the meat eaten in the Israelite camp, so God’s people ate it! (See Exodus 30:6, Exodus 33:14).

(A) Does Paul know something about the Torah?

Pig and horse meat (Deuteronomy 16:8-13) were not kosher during Moses’ time. They were never kosher now. The Levites and Aaronis were not forbidden to eat pork. So why make the Torah kosher?

If “all flesh is clean” was a commandment made by God, and “all flesh is unclean,” then there was no need for it to be made kosher by the Levites. The very thing God commanded the Levites to do was made a commandment by God himself. (See the Levitical covenant in Deuteronomy 33– Exodus 33:13-20) The Levites didn’t need a “commandment” from God. They are commanded in Deuteronomy (13:13-20) to “not eat pork, ox that have not been slaughtered according to the laws of the tribe of Israel, or anything unclean that the Levites are commanded not to eat.” “Not eat” was an ordinance of the Levites. The Torah was not made kosher by the Levites–but God made the Torah kosher by himself.

(B) Does Paul know something about the temple?

Pig (Leviticus 10:34), horse (Leviticus 26:32), and goat (Leviticus 26:31-34) and other unclean animals were not to be eaten. But, God said: “The land was never unclean: nothing has been found unclean that was put to seed by the people of the land.” God has given us the Law for our sake, to correct us for our own sins. This Law was made for our sakes. God’s law is to be kept as we live out our lives. But if a nation or a temple is profaned, then that nation and temple will be destroyed. We are commanded to keep God’s law and be careful not to break it (Deuteronomy 7-8– Exodus 7:13-20). The land was not unclean

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