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(2 Corinthians 6:9-11)

Does God have to have it in His heart to forgive our sins? What about His righteousness? Did the New Testament writers mean to describe God as being merely an excuse to get drunk? The Bible does not say so. Paul didn’t say that Paul himself did not drink. He said the only excuse for drunkness was drunkenness in general. He said he did not excuse his fellow Jews because they had drunk in Israel. He saw that God only had to be willing to forgive their sins. They had to get drunk to commit those sins. Drunkenness and drunkenness only existed when sin was committed. Sin did not have to be committed to receive salvation. There is not a Bible verse that shows God as needing alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t save or punish anyone nor does consuming alcohol create sin in a person. Alcohol makes people drunk. It doesn’t cure them. It creates sin in them. That’s what it’s there for: to create a condition where one person will commit a sin and then they will think they have to keep doing it to get saved… and that’s just the way it works. So… no. God doesn’t have to have to have it in His heart to forgive our sins. To get God to forgive our sins we would have to not do what we already do (e.g. we would have to say “I’ll forgive you. It’s too bad. Please forgive me…” (Luke 17:6-8; Matt 20:25; 16:21-24; 1 John 2:1))

God can forgive our sins. So far as that goes, He has forgiven our sins. He has let those who are in sin be forgiven by Him. You have forgiven those who you have sinned against.

What about all those passages where God tells people to get drunk? Again, the Bible never says that. He tells us to stop drinking and keep off alcohol. God never tells us that we should not be intoxicated while we are at church. So, God doesn’t need alcohol for His salvation.

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3) If the God of the Bible can forgive our sins then is He really all good and awesome?

If we believe that the God in the Bible makes mistakes then the next thing we see is why people are having problems. He seems to do whatever the hell he wants. If we believe that the God in the Bible’s perfect love and mercy will always forgive all of our sins then if everyone in

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