Is drinking alcohol a sin Bible verse? – Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Designs Drawings Flowers

Bible verse is a word and an adjective that stands for a specific idea. The Bible doesn’t say, “alcohol is an evil.” “God hates sin!”

Do Christians have biblical right to make alcohol alcohol?

The Bible does say that Christian people have the right to make alcoholic beverages available to other people.

When do church ministers and other church officials have a biblical right to use alcoholic beverages after church?

Church ministers have a biblical right to make alcoholic beverages available to other people after church.

Is church leaders allowed to serve alcohol at church during communion ceremony?

No Scripture says church leaders can serve alcoholic beverages at church.

Is it okay for churches to sell alcohol?

No Scripture calls alcohol “a sin.” In fact, Scripture says “alcohol is for the devil.”

Can an alcoholic drink alcohol if the food is not alcohol?

No, the Bible does not say an alcoholic drink alcohol even if the food is not a drink.

What is the difference between alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages?

The Bible says God created all types of beverages. But it does not say God made alcoholic beverages.

Do churches have a right to take care of people who are sick, elderly or in need of care?

Cases where churches have a right to take care of somebody are limited.

Can churches sell alcohol to people who are drinking?

No Scripture calls for churches to sell alcoholic beverages.

Can churches sell alcohol during the weekend?

Do churches have the right to take on volunteers for Bible Study?

It depends on what the Bible means. The Bible has a lot more to say about taking on someone to be the caretaker for a household or for an individual.

Who can be an alcoholic? Can an alcoholic drink any type of alcohol?

The Bible doesn’t say that an alcoholic can drink any type of liquor. But, some people in the Bible were in the situation to start drinking.

Why don’t Christian pastors allow people to use any alcohol when they are at services?

The Bible says ministers have a biblical obligation to prevent anyone from beginning sinning. It makes no sense to allow an alcoholic to drink because he is in the process of having something else be consumed.

Why does the Lord say “No drink unto you that worked surreptitiously, eating and drinking”?

The Bible says if someone is secretly working

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