Is drinking alcohol a sin Bible verse? – Free Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs Pictures

According to scripture drinking is sin. Alcohol is sin, and drinking is the worst sin.

But what about Jesus’s teaching on drinking, what is this about drinking?

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God did not command us to give up any part of our flesh. That would be killing our soul. No, God commanded us to be good to each other. Not just to be good to others, but to show love to him that sent us. For this reason, God instructed us to love the Lord our God in the flesh.

Does he say “and the flesh is the body” when teaching the disciples how to drink, or that they should drink a cup of salt?

In Matthew 17 that was where it started, it was “And the disciples were eating and drinking with the sinners.” (v.24) “And the Pharisees, hearing this, came and plotted how they might trap them and kill Jesus.” (v.26)

Well, Jesus said, “Why do you seek after a spirit that can do harm when God can do it?” And they are to eat and drink for wisdom, for doctrine, and for reproof. (vv.28-30)

He then instructed not to use wine. Not to go near wine, but to tell someone to drink something stronger than water is not good, but to go outside and lie on their backs as the hypocrites had done before them. (vv.31-33)

The above teaches us to eat and drink for the love of God. This passage says that our food and drink should be eaten with reverence because they are the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to show that we love Him and follow His teaching.

Does Jesus say anything regarding smoking?


Does Jesus teach us to do everything that is good and right in His name?

Yes. And the word right is used only in the sense that it means what God has ordained. For example, “God has commissioned you in His name to do good, to love your neighbour as yourself, and to walk humbly with your God” (Rom. 13:9).

Does Jesus say anything regarding drugs?

He uses drugs for pleasure in order that he may know what is good for you in the Lord.

Do you really need to see a psychiatrist to determine whether your sexual urges are a sin? What about other types of behaviors that our Lord disapproves of, such as gambling

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