How do I know my tattoo? – Skull Tattoo Designs On Paper

(i.e. what kind of ink/fibers should I use, etc.)

I can’t decide whether I want a tattoo on my stomach or on my hips/belly area (i.e. which are closer or different in space/time)

Who should I consult if I’d like to get a tattoo from an artist (i.e. how to fill in my tattoos and what to expect)?

Are there any tattooing classes/classes in my area

Which tattooing type should I get? (i.e. pin or needle)

What kind of tattoo do I want to get? (i.e. smallish, largeish, or the most graphic-specific of these)

Are there any tattoos/skull shapes that are too large or not appropriate for my tattoos?

Does my tattoo need to be permanent or should I consider another method (i.e. having a friend/family member make me a small, medium or larger temporary tattoo? Is this a good method to get a temporary tattoo on your body?).

Do I need any other tattoos (and which ones should I get?)

Do I need to have a tattoo done to get a particular tattoo on my body? (i.e. I want a tattoo on my waist on a particular day, should I do it the next day?)

Are there any tattooing classes/classes in my area and if so, what should I do beforehand?

How much tattooing work should I do at a time?

Do I need a tattoo?

What kind of tattoo should I get? (i.e. smaller, larger, or more graphic, etc.)

How are the tattooing styles/styles similar or different? (i.e. a large tattoo, a small tattoo, or no tattoo at all)

What kind of tattoos do I want? (i.e. a big or a small tattoo)

Is it OK (or even okay) to have multiple tattoos (i.e. two on my right arm, two on my left arm, etc.)

Is there any form of permanent tattooing (i.e. permanent cover-ups, or permanent tattooing that only works temporarily, or permanent tattooing that’s permanent? What type are those? Do those exist, is there any kind? If so, which kind? Can I get them?)

How do I get the

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