How do I know my tattoo? – Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs Simple On Paper

In order to determine your tattoo status, you must complete a “certificate of status of tattoo.”

Please note that the Certificate of Status of Tattoo will NOT guarantee you a visa or work permit! If you choose not to apply for a visa or work permit this step is unnecessary.

What is a certificate of status?

In most cases, a certificate of status is not valid when you apply for a work or visa. However, as long as you have met the other requirements outlined below and continue to comply with the terms of your agreement with the Department of Homeland Security before filing the paperwork to obtain a visa, you will be regarded as a qualified artist. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recognizes that you, and the skills demonstrated by your artistry, can be successfully utilized in a career providing an important role in public safety, law enforcement, and military operations.

What are my requirements to be considered a qualified artist?

To be considered a qualified artist, you must meet all of the following requirements:

1. Meet the minimum number of requirements for licensure as a member under the Uniformed Services of the U.S., U.S. Coast Guard, Military, National Park Service, or Marine Corps.

2. Meet the minimum requirements for any certification or license from the States, or the District of Columbia.

3. Be a U.S. citizen and reside in the United States;

4. Meet the minimum requirements (i.e., state and District of Columbia) for the certification or license of any tattooing occupation required by this Act if:

(a) You are currently on active duty for military or law enforcement, or

(b) You are a U.S. citizen (or alien who has been granted permanent resident status in the United States), and

(c) You have obtained an official tattooing license (other than a tattoo artist business license) from the District of Columbia, Florida, California, Louisiana, Arizona, Ohio, or any other state or territory in the United States. The tattooing license and the certification or license requirement for it must be issued by the state or foreign territory in which you reside. Applicable laws or regulation governing tattoo practices must be met in all states and territories.

5. Meet the minimum requirements in the United States for any other employment, provided you satisfy all certification or license requirements applicable to your specific employment. The applicable federal employment laws and regulations must

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