Does the Bible say not to swear? – Ozzy Osbourne Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs

In fact, you’re probably not going there. But for those who are, there is one verse that makes it quite clear: “You shall not swear at all.” (Leviticus 18:6) The Bible says, “You shall not swear at all; you shall not swear at all.”

That “you shall not swear” verse was not in the Bible itself and was not written by the Bible’s original writers. It is not a part of the canon. It is a part of later translations that include the word “swear.” What we find in English has evolved over time and so has the word “swear.” It’s just a variant that is a translation of what is the original Hebrew phrase in Hebrew and has grown to mean what it means, which is: “I do not hold to the position of a sworn oath.”

Why is that the case?

The Bible originally was a living document. Over time the original language had changed, both through translation and by the development of written language. For example, we can trace the English word oath back to the 13th Century where it was applied to a promise of an oath taken, for example, as an oath-taking. However, the Bible was never written in English and never meant to be used as a legal document.

In fact, the Bible does not tell us that “you shall not swear at all” is a legal phrase that applies to all oaths. It simply explains it is a legal phrase that applies to a person who will not take oaths, and the Bible is clear about just what that person is, what his or her status is, and what is expected of you.

The Bible did not say that you can have an oath but you cannot swear at all. To use the Bible as a document to determine whether you’re legally allowed to swear is to confuse a living document about its interpretation. If you want to swear, follow the Bible’s interpretation.

Which comes next?

What about the other phrase that is frequently referred to by Christians as a legal phrase, the phrase “you shall not swear”?

That is, “No oath is good nor an oath is evil…”


In the Hebrew original, the phrase “no oath is good nor an oath is evil” is a legal phrase that means something like “no oath shall be accepted, no oath shall be taken, no oath shall be valid, no oath shall be believed, no

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