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When you ask people what they think of when they think of mud they are more likely to look to things like rice paddies and lakes. But a lotus flower can grow in all kinds of places as well. It is one of nature’s most beautiful flowers.

Can you name any other mud flowers?

Yes, the mud flower is often considered one of the worst looking and most irritating flowers. But many people like the mud flower because it is a very common flower that you can see coming from any number of places and it doesn’t really matter to them how it looks and feels.

The Federal Communications Commission is asking ISPs for access to customers’ browsing history, including e-mails, search history and social media activity of the company. This follows a legal order from the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year that prompted the Federal Trade Commission to look at broadband privacy practices.

Under the privacy rules the FCC adopted in 2011, ISPs are required to get customers’ consent before taking certain actions on their accounts such as collecting their Social Security numbers, financial information, location history and IP address.

However, ISPs often give their customers an opt-out notice that simply states that it does not collect or sell that information. Many users are unaware of this option.

“As we work to address the privacy concerns around the disclosure of personally identifiable customer information, ISPs must understand these laws and comply with them,” FCC chairman Julius Genachowski said on Wednesday. “Under the law, there are no exceptions to access these customers’ information or make their data accessible to consumers through ISPs — a violation of Title II.”

If companies fail to abide by the rules, the FTC can impose an fine of up to $37,500 the same as it would charge to an ISP, and order them to fix their privacy practices.

The Supreme Court sided with ISPs in a case earlier this year, saying that ISPs must get customers’ consent to ask for information on an ISP’s customers, but they couldn’t violate people’s privacy when they were asked for access. Under that decision, ISPs can’t ask for people’s Internet content, content used to transmit digital information, content about their online and on-line activities, or any customer information.

This is also the last time the FTC will take an aggressive, enforcement role against ISPs. FTC officials have said in recent months that it will cease its consumer fraud and credit monitoring efforts. This may come as a surprise to ISP customers. But this is

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