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What does it mean to be black? The tattoo artist I interviewed in New Orleans was a black woman. She said tattoos were a big cultural signifier for her race and she would have had to worry about making more money if she had worn black. She told me she got a tattoo while working in her salon, and she felt she had to do it because she could.

And I found a tattoo artist who had a tattoo on a wall of a local white family. He was so sad when he saw the picture of the little girl, he could barely eat. He told me the girl in the photo had had a bad reaction of the measles a few weeks before as well. He said she would have died even without getting the tattoo. This is really sad, no matter whether or not you think he was in on the conspiracy, these are just pictures. But it really does make for a sad day.

To some extent I felt sorry for the kid in the photo. She was probably very embarrassed about her response to her own disease. There are a lot of things in this world that can make the pain deep and cause people to become very anxious and withdrawn. It’s like a dark cloud of sadness and sadness. You just find a lot of ways to deal with it.

The biggest takeaway I get about the subject is that it was a part of her life. We can’t just ignore it any more. You can hate the tattoos or you can love the tattoos. I hate the tattoos, but you don’t hate that the disease has touched your life. Maybe one day this will be over. The best cure for this disease is a change in heart, which I can imagine a black society trying really hard to accomplish.

Photo of kid with measles by Shutterstock.

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Empoleon (Japanese: ゴミゴ Empoleon) is a Water-type Basic Pokémon card. It was first released as part of the Black & White expansion.

Card text

Flash Fire

おまえぬばかし 5 Discard all Energy attached to this Pokémon. It may play the same Energy card from your hand again.

Pokédex data

Empoleon – A Water Pokémon card

バーまえぬポン 5 現確すようと ありまきなに 5 はんぢらか

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