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As with the first generation of smartphones, Android has a very strong position in the smartphone market. However, in India, the number of Android smartphones in the market is rather low. This report provides an insight into the smartphone market in India.

The new report from Canalys indicates that the number of available Android smartphones in India is only 0.5% of the total Android users worldwide. This is significantly lower than the worldwide number of 5.4%. It reflects the strong Android penetration in the Indian smartphone market and could help its manufacturers to develop an Android ecosystem with a broad distribution reach.

The report shows that Android smartphones account for 13% of the total smartphone market in India. It’s interesting to note that this is compared to the global Android market where the Android smartphone market share goes up almost three times in three years!

According to the results, Samsung’s smartphone market share in India is 7%. The global smartphone market shares for Samsung and Apple are 5 and 2%, respectively. However, both the Android and Apple markets account for only 1% of the worldwide smartphone market. Samsung’s market share in India is 2.6% and its global market share is 11.1%.

The new report also shows the presence of Nokia in the international market. The Nokia brand has a presence in the smartphone market in India but not that of Apple or Samsung. Nokia’s India market share is 1.2% and its global market share is 2.1%. The Android Market share for Nokia in India is 3.2%.

Global smartphone manufacturers have more than 50% of the Android smartphone market share. Samsung still has the largest smartphone market share in the world, followed by Apple at 31%, Google Phone at 12%, HTC at 9%, and Huawei at 2%.

However, in India alone, Apple has a market share of 12.8%. So far only in April, Apple has been shipping its iPhone 5S in India without any subsidy, although the price is significantly higher than the iPhone 5’s launch price of 399.

Apple is planning to ship its iPhone 6 and 6S later this year. In September, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5, a higher-end version of the Note 4.

The new report indicates that the global smartphone market will reach 50% by 2016. It will pass 100% by 2022. Apple could be an early entrant to the market which could increase its market share in India. Meanwhile, Apple can also

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