Can you go to heaven with tattoos? – Simple Rose Tattoo Designs Drawings Gangster

A. I have tattoos now! But only for certain friends. What do you do when you find a friend who has tattooed on a lot of different body parts? First you say, “Hey, are you going to hell? Do you think you should go there?” They’ll say, “You’ve never asked me, so I’m not going. But I love you anyway. Why don’t you give it a go?” Then they say, “It’s going to be OK, the tattoo will be on your back.” So what you try to do is a cross over. You say, “I’ve loved you so much, and you’re getting tattooed to say I’m good luck, so you should go, it’ll be OK,” and you go to town. You never say, “I’m okay with going to hell,” because you can’t. You’re never really sure. Once a guy has gone to hell, he probably will not be coming back.

Q. Is the body part you’re trying to get a tattoo on considered “your private part?”

A. If it’s your private part, I would say “it’s my personal time. I choose it for what it means to me,” but I wouldn’t say “it’s somebody’s personal thing.” And if it’s a tattoo with a lot of characters in it … I suppose the body part that I don’t do with is “your personal stuff.” So you know that that’s the part I didn’t do.

Q. What should you do if a friend says, “It’s OK for you to have a tattoo, it’s OK for me to have a tattoo on your body”?

A. If he doesn’t respect your boundaries about tattooing, you just say, “I need to stop doing this, I don’t want to go there anymore.” And you say, “Do you want me to go to heaven again? Do you want to come back?” And if they say yes, you try to find a way to have a tattoo. And they’ll go, “You know, maybe you should look at this. The person who you’re about to marry might have a tattoo, too, right?” You find something you like, you do it, and that becomes the “one that got away” for the rest of your life.

Q. And I bet there are other women who do this. You’re such a hero to many women.

A. Yes,

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