Can you go to heaven with tattoos? – Purple Rose Tattoo Designs On A Cross Tattoo


SAGAL: If you have tattoos, you can try to be more Christlike – you’ll be more like Jesus. But is it better in the end?

KURTIS: That is a hard-headed problem. But a couple of things do seem to be true: First, you have two different kinds of God. One is God who can be appeased, who doesn’t care if you follow his moral rules. And another kind, whose moral rules and character can be changed in the future – you can be a perfect person. The other type of God who – there are some passages in the Gospel that are – I don’t want to put words in his mouth – some passages that you would want us to try to do things and see how they turn out.

But I’d say, you know, at least I have a sense of hope, just for a moment, even for me. And that is because I feel the Gospel is full of good and right deeds, even for somebody who – the only person who is morally perfect is God. And I feel, you know, that God does that with people. He does that for me, and I get that through the Gospel that there are people – even if I didn’t want to, that if I had to do a single thing right now, I’d feel great about it. But I also realize, you know, if people didn’t do a single thing right now, they wouldn’t be saved. Well, why not believe in the faith? Why let them stumble as they fall? So I think that – in terms of the grace of God, I don’t see it, at least in our age, getting much better.

SAGAL: Well now, let me ask you this – you mentioned faith, the Christian faith.

KURTIS: A lot of people in America do not have faith or don’t know what that means.

SAGAL: Yeah.


KURTIS: So I don’t use it as synonym for anything. I don’t feel that it’s the same.

SAGAL: You can say you have faith. But – but I wonder if you would use a word other than faith to describe that sense of hope you have, that sense of knowing that you will be saved. And you talk about that sense of hope in your book, “Faith: God’s

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