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Liam Hemsworth: Yeah.

Will we be getting much action from your characters this time around? How many pages or what kind of action are we going to get?

Liam Hemsworth: Well, well. We’re going through all the phases of this book. The most recent one came in the first couple of pages, so we’re just getting into this chapter, we’re just getting into the action. We’re looking at more of a character drama, as it were. But you’ll have to wait till after the movie to find out, I guess.

The Hobbit film is coming in 4DX, but you already filmed it. Will the story be the same?

Liam Hemsworth: Oh, yeah. We’re certainly making the same kind of film. The biggest difference is that we have a bigger budget; we get better technology. Also, we’ve got a couple different directors attached; we’re going to be more than a couple more directors. But no, this next one will be a completely different experience. You won’t really be seeing any of the scenes from the trailer, no.

Will you be doing stunt shooting?

Liam Hemsworth: Oh we’re getting all kinds of stunts! Yeah, we’re doing a lot of stunt work. So there’s going to be a lot of shooting.

So you don’t have to shoot scenes with Frodo, Sam, or Gollum on your own?

Liam Hemsworth: That’s funny, yes.

In the new film, everyone has a part. Are you going to find out who plays Frodo to make sure it’s the character you wanted?

Liam Hemsworth: In my opinion, everyone has a part in the film. Everyone is part of this journey. We will find out who those people are in a very short time. So yes, we’re all playing.

One of the cool things about this is a lot of people will get to share in it, so it’s not just you.

Liam Hemsworth: As far as I know, the biggest part is going to be Peter Jackson’s work.

Can we see more of him as a character?

Liam Hemsworth: No, absolutely not.

Do you keep the set? Are you allowed to shoot with the props?

Liam Hemsworth: No, absolutely not.

Do we get any hints of the

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