Can you get two tattoos a day? – Free Filipino Tribal Tattoo Designs

Yes, you are allowed to obtain the ‘one tattoo a day rule’ at any Tattoo Parlour. You’re not limited to two tattoos a day, as we have a lot of staff on the same day, it’s just different day to day.

How does all of this work?

When the first tattoo is done, you are given your chosen name, alongside your chosen tattoo colour and your tattoo symbol (our tattoo symbols are made up of several different symbols). We take your picture in front of your chosen tattoo, your ‘face’, your chosen tattoo colours, your tattoo symbol’s logo and one tattoo on your lower back, and place that in front of your face and then give a final message like “Congratulations” or “You’re a winner. The tattoo is ready to go”. When the second tattoo is done on the back, we take your picture and the rest is up to you.

Once you’ve made up your mind, we will ask you to show us your tattoo for a tattoo design to be drawn on the first tattoo. You could get a tattoo on one leg or on both legs, either way you choose, it’s up to you. It’s important that you wear your favourite clothing, a pair of your favourite shoes, or wear the special outfit that you have chosen yourself, and make sure of that.

How will I get my tattoo when I get it?

First of all we need your tattoo’s colour and your chosen tattoo artist’s choice of background for the first tattoo. It will be drawn on the first tattoo as shown in the first step of the process. Once chosen, your tattoo will have a special message written on it, on your back. We will keep your artwork until we are happy that you will be happy with the tattoo, or we have decided not to do it if you feel it isn’t suitable. Once you have selected your choice of background we will then take photographs of your body and send the photos to tattoo artist, and you will be offered to choose one of 2 tattoos in either a black or white background. Please pay particular attention to the ink colour you choose for it.

How do I make my tattoo look better?

We use a standard style of tattooing, so make sure you are in touch with tattoo artist before you take their sketches and then send them a few days notice to see if they are able to turn that drawing in a different way, the results will vary, but usually if you can

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