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Well, let me take your number and do a Google search. If your search is more than about an minute long, I think you might be on to something. In the name of science, I will try and answer this for you.

Can you have an abortion on demand, while the girl gives birth to your baby on her own?

This is one of those things that was debated in the U.K. at the time but has evolved over the years to where you are not supposed to have an abortion.

You have to live in India, where the legal age for a girl to get an abortion is 15. If you are a girl in the U.K., you can’t get an abortion.

“No” is the standard answer. “We are not talking about an abortion,” says a senior police officer.

“We are talking about rape,” says a senior law officer.

“Not on demand,” says a doctor.

“You cannot get an abortion until she is in that stage, so that means the girl has no chance of getting pregnant,” he said.

“But a baby dies after 23 weeks,” says another senior police officer.

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“Not on demand,” said the doctor.

A baby is not supposed to die, let alone live, according to Dr. Ramesh.

I spoke to a woman who, at age 15, had given birth to her first child at home. It was in India, but the little girl was still able to live it up.

“When she was pregnant, the doctor gave her a shot of painkillers – nothing,” she said. “The whole room went to a complete frenzy. She was crying, saying, ‘If I don’t stop, we are going to die.'”

“When she left, he told me, ‘Do not go back,’ ” she said.

The child was born fine.

“But he kept that baby,” she says.

“At 16, she gave birth to her first child,” says the doctor.

The painkiller shot didn’t stop the crying. The child still died.

After he made a report to the police, the law officer said, “I think there has to be a law to protect the girl.”

The Obama administration will not allow the release of video of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private speech while she was under investigation, according to an official who spoke

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