Can you be 15 and get a tattoo? – Cool Tribal Tattoo Designs For Women On Ribs Anatomy

You can.

You can have your face painted.

You can have a friend paint your face on a picture.

You can hire someone to paint your face on a picture or something, and have photos taken of the person getting the tattoos.
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And if you have a bad acne or a bad cyst, you can hire someone to fix it for you.

If you decide you do not want that, you can have an appointment to get it done (maybe it will cost me 10k-20k). (It would have to be different than a tattoo, though).

But that is not how this works, it’s not how a woman should be treated. If you decide you don’t WANT to get a tattoo it is not a choice you will make. There are tons of women with bad acne and cysts who will still want a tattoo for every other reason.

A good woman deserves to make a decision about herself, and be respected for it. And the fact that a guy on the other end of this line decides his decision after 5 minutes of conversation and a conversation with someone who knows him well, just boggles the mind.

If this is the man who calls me, “Handsome” or “Elegant” or any other variation of those words, he doesn’t know me and he probably doesn’t care about me. If I am in his car, he may even want an autograph (or, if I am in the car, another woman in front of me may want to take a picture of a cute picture of her friend with him). If I am at the mall I might even want to walk with him. And I don’t need to make the decision for him.

He is just being an ass who doesn’t have an opinion.

Because that’s what men are.

You can’t force a woman to do anything. You can’t force a woman to give a man who has no opinion (and who thinks he is just an asshole) what he wants without consent. It is a choice.

And that’s what feminism is about.

You are not a woman’s oppressor (or her friend’s oppressor), nor should you be. You are her oppressor (or someone you think has no opinion), and we all deserve to be treated as such.

So for fuck’s sake, don’t be an ass man.

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