Can Christians drink alcohol? – Free Download Tattoo Designs Pack

No. Why? There are two reasons: 1. Christians are not supposed to. And 2. It is immoral.

Let’s start with the first reason. Christians are not supposed to consume alcohol because Christians believe that the Bible teaches that sin is not only forbidden but is an unpardonable mortal sin, meaning you could not go to heaven if you commit it (1John 3:8, Acts 13:23). No one should drink alcohol, because the Bible teaches otherwise.

However, it is clear that there are numerous Christian drinks. If that is the case, one has to ask: Where is the line? Some may be fine, while others may even be sinful. Christians should be very careful before they take a sip from these drinks. I am willing to bet many people have tried to give some Christians alcohol drinks with varying degrees of success.

Another reason is that the alcohol beverage does not belong to Christians. This means it is prohibited for Christians, because it belongs to an idolatrous religion and not to God. In other words, we are not allowed to drink it, because it belongs to another religion and not to God. Some have asked, “Can Christians drink alcoholic beverages? If such drinks are not allowed for us, then why are we drinking them?”

Well, according to Bible laws, we are not allowed to drink anything but waters from the spring of the Bible. Water from the water source is forbidden to Christians. Some have said that this may also apply if a wine or beer is poured from a well. The same applies to fruit juices.

Even wine can’t be drunk by Christians, because of the prohibition in Matthew 22:21 of the prohibition against mixing wine and water. The prohibition is not only against mixing wine and water but also against mixing grapes with grape juice and eating grapes before the water is mixed with it.

There are other verses which prohibit eating grapes at the same time it is mixed with wine in the Holy Scriptures, such as Proverbs 3:1-7: “Do not take a wife of oxen or a daughter of sheep; they are better than wine. Drink no wine at the time of the Feast, lest the blood run away.” Again, you have to wonder where this would come in. If grapes are to be mixed with the wine in a holy ritual way and grape juice is to be eaten, then what does that really mean? In some pagan culture it might be considered a sin if grape juice was mixed with wine, but

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