Can Catholics get tattoos? – Tattoo Designs On Paper

Yes. Many Catholics in Ireland do wear their tattoos. Most do in response to a spiritual experience.

Why get a tattoo?

Tattoos are associated with devotion and the religious practice of tattooing is popular among religious seekers, as well as those who are seeking to promote spiritual growth within the family.

Is it okay to tattoo your whole face?

Yes. One of the common questions Catholics ask for support is how much skin should be tattooed to cover all of their faces. Although this practice is not common, most people can successfully cover all of their faces with a full-body tattoo.

Is there a stigma surrounding tattoos?

Yes. Even members of the diocese who are not tattooists or who have never done such a thing think that tattoos should be a part of the Catholic experience from a religious, cultural and spiritual perspective. However, they should strive to be careful not to have an attitude of rejection of anyone who wants to have a permanent tattoo. The person who is interested in a tattoo should ask if he or she would have to take a vow of silence and never speak or write about the subject of the tattoo.

What should I expect from a Catholic friend who does a Catholic tattoo?

This is an important thing to remember when asking for support. First you must understand that tattooing is a practice of religious faith and not for the purpose of fashion. To express a particular religion through the fashion industry or the body is offensive and inadvisable.

Catholics who are interested in a tattoo or those who have ever experienced a tattoo should first ask themselves or one another if they wish to have any part of their body tattooed. Catholics should understand that tattoos are only cosmetic.

If a tattoo is considered essential and the person is Catholic, it would be best to discuss with a priest the issues facing the person. They should consider how they would like to proceed. If all else fails, ask for the permission of the person who has decided to obtain the tattoo to get the tattoo done. They could then ask their friend to wait to wear the tattoo until the person who has decided to take the tattoo is able to take it off.

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