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The short answer is yes, you can, but only under circumstances specifically authorized by the Catholic Church. Tattoo artists and body piercing artists are both authorized by the Church to tattoo Catholic children, and to perform such work with a parental consent. A person can be charged with the criminal offense of sexual abuse of a minor if he is discovered working as a private tattoo artist with a person under the age of 16. As noted in the Church’s Teaching on the Church and Youth, the priest is not authorized to authorize private tattooing of minors.

Does the Church allow tattooing for religious reasons? Yes, tattooing may be used by faithful Catholics on one’s body to express their faith. However, it is important to note that this is a religious practice and is not intended to represent the Catholic Church. Tattoos that show the Christian cross or words such as “Christ is risen” are not authorized.

Can Catholics get tattoos outside of the Church’s control? The Church offers a variety of support groups for Catholics to find support with issues of intimacy, sex, marriage and spirituality. These activities can include providing support through counseling and other resources, helping members find local support communities around the world, and organizing and holding social events which have a moral or liturgical nature. In some instances, a local religious organization may offer a variety of resources and educational opportunities, including a Catholic Church youth group. Additionally, there is growing social, and even cultural, acceptance of tattoos outside the Catholic Church. For example the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAPD), a non-profit organization affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics, currently offers a free service on its website that provides comprehensive information about the risks and benefits of tattoos. It is an excellent option to locate information about professional medical and aesthetic advice before getting a tattoo, to learn more about Catholic Church standards of beauty, and to read other resources that are helpful in dealing with a tattoo. The AAPD offers numerous resources that will help you be a good role model for your kids and to encourage a healthy and safe relationship with your body.

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