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Cameron: Oh, I don’t get tribal tattoos. I’m probably a bit of a weirdo myself but I am a very stubborn one if anything! I like to keep things a little weird.

And we’re talking about tattoos?

Cameron: Right, I’m into Native American stuff. If I go down the streets, people will point and say “hey we know you’re from the country, you’re white”.

Is that true?

Cameron: Well it’s true…I’m definitely part of that scene, though. I do get stuff from tribes. People say “you’re from the country” and I’ll point at people and say “well you know I’m white so I can’t get any tattoos!” I’m never scared or shy. You’d be surprised just how many black Americans show up and say “hey I’m from the country and I like your tribal stuff!”

Are there any celebrities you have tattooed?

“Cameron,” you’re the coolest!

“And the best and only one at the beginning of the world.” Yeah you, you look great. You got a nice thick line of ink at the back.

And what’s your favorite tattoo?

Well I like a tribal tattoo really! I’m from South Australia but I get a lot of tattooed in the UK from people with South African heritage but yeah, I have one with the three-quarter face, the half-mouth, the eyes looking up to the sky at sunset. And it says “Cameron”, which we’re not getting that often.
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That’s a good one! Do you like the tattoos you get?

Yeah! They’re really nice, I’m looking at the ones that have “Tyrone, the Killer Lion King,” and a lot of times I can never put them on me because I have too many tattoos. I’m a bit of a perfectionist!

What’s your most recent tattoos?

Oh I got a little baby girl the other day. She’s got a big little head. I’m looking at a picture of her at the hospital and it has the face looking in the window, looking down, the eyebrows raised. I thought “oh my god, that’s so cool,” I love that kind of attention.

And do you like tattoos to be the same type that was seen?

Oh you’re asking the wrong person! You would say ‘is that

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