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The skin is the first part of the body to lose blood. As it dries away, it releases its nutrients, including vitamin D, which is essential for a healthy immune system.

This is why tattoos are one of the most common reasons for tattoo rejection. Many people reject their tattoos when they realise that these body parts are often damaged due to stress, poor diet, physical activity or smoking.

The same cannot be said of tattoos made of silicone, which are also used as body art and are therefore considered safe by some in the industry.

What’s the difference between body art and tattoo?

Body art – or art in general – is often made from a variety of materials to depict the physical or emotional state of the skin.

For example, skin art can include:

hair, eyes and eyelids using pigments such as red, orange, purple or yellow

skin from various body parts such as hands or feet

skin from animals or other objects such as leaves

Tattoos on the face and body are also sometimes considered body art.

Tattoos on body parts such as the hands or feet are also considered tattoos.

What can I do about my tattoos?

It can be risky to get a tattoo as skin diseases like gangrene, skin cancer and psoriatic arthritis can have a destructive impact on the affected skin.

If a tattoo is a serious disease then contact a doctor or doctor’s medical staff. These professionals will work with you to decide the best treatment options.

However, many people choose to get a tattoo as part of their body art and believe that it is an important part of their identity. Others decide to have their tattoos removed because they feel that they no longer want their image to be taken too seriously.

What are the options for a body art tattoo?

There is only a very small range of body art tattoo removal techniques available to people who have tattoos.

There have been several scientific studies on the effectiveness of tattoo treatment, but the most advanced ones have been limited to using needles or injecting chemicals.

The following treatment methods are still being extensively researched and developed and are therefore still classified as experimental .

Non-invasive skin removal:

There is still a lot of controversy around the safety and effectiveness of this type of treatment. There is no definitive information available on the effectiveness of this type of method. Only limited clinical trials have been carried out and there have

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