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Why is it haram to use tattoos? What should I know in order to decide about my body?”

These questions may come to you from a wide range of social circles. As a matter of fact, any religious beliefs will be questioned. One will be asked: “Is fasting good if you do these tattoos?” Another may ask whether the tattoos are haram even if they are considered to be a religious symbol. A third will ask whether they’re halal (permissible), and a fourth the legality of tattoos.

To some eyes, a tattoo does not look like a religious sign. Many consider it an expression of one’s innermost feeling towards a person or a culture. To those who see it as a sign of faith, or a sign of defiance, others call it a sign of immorality. The question then becomes how do you reconcile that? Should the tattoos of a person who has a strong religious belief be a sign of immorality? This is not the first time tattoos have caused controversy, in fact, a person’s religious beliefs determine who he or she trusts most, and where he or she is most concerned with the people around him/her.

I have been asked several times whether it is okay to use tattoos. For some, this question seems as irrelevant as a question about where you should park your car or which school you should attend. Others, though, see tattoos as a religious sign that may represent any of six different beliefs (the majority of Islam and Judaism), and that may be interpreted by anyone to mean that it is permissible to use tattoos.

The majority of Muslims and Jews believe that it is the obligation for a person to abide by their religious beliefs even if these beliefs conflict with his outward physical appearance. There are other religions and people who are not Muslim that agree that a religious statement has no place on the body and, therefore, do not interpret a religious symbol to mean something bad or immoral. They believe that all religions are true, and the meaning of symbols should remain the same in order to be acceptable by everyone.

The question is therefore not one of legality, but one of interpretation. If you do not believe in any religion of Muhammad, and feel that the tattoo could be considered in the same category as the religious sign that you wear on your arm, do not get one.

How should one interpret tattoos or the body? Some may agree that one should not interpret tattoos to imply any sort of belief, while others may agree that to get one

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